Featured composer, May 11, 2015: JONATHAN RUSSELL

Another favorite of NakedEye Ensemble, Jonathan Russell is a superlative bass clarinetist and composer who writes music that engages both listener and performer with finely crafted narratives. His music tells stories of our lives and events in thoughtful and thought-provoking ways. Full Faith and Credit is no exception. 

The piece was inspired by the 2008 economic crash that affected all of us in the U.S. Wall Street ran amok, the financial giants Lehman and Goldman Sachs were toppled, thousands lost their jobs, schools lost their funding, orchestras and music venues went bankrupt, musicians and artists scrambled to define their economic worth in a market that was redefining itself in its newly impoverished state. Full Faith and Credit pays homage to the chaos and feelings of foreboding leading up to the crash and the subsequent fallout that still now has us seeking a new, more equitable place in our society.

Full Faith and Credit is the fifth work by Russell NakedEye will be performing and has been transcribed by the composer for the particular instrumentation of the ensemble.

Come hear Russell's work live May 11, 8PM @ Tellus360, Lancaster, PA

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Posted on May 5, 2015 .