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I discovered Florent Ghys (pronounced "zhees") on my computer while on a hunt for new repertoire for our 2014-15 season. The piece that caught my eye – then my ear – was An Open Cage, written for Bang on a Can. I couldn't resist John Cage reading from Diary: How to improve the world (You will only make matters worse) and the way his voice danced with the instruments. So Florent's music leapt out of my computer, into my piano as we rehearsed the score, then on stage for our second show of the season. 

Then, this past July, I was in New York City looking (as I usually do when I visit) for interesting and unusual things to do. That's when I saw that Florent would be performing his solo works at Noguchi Museum in Brooklyn the following day. I couldn't believe it. I would visit Noguchi for the first time, meet Florent and hear him live. A perfect day of firsts

After the excellent show, I introduced myself, and before I knew it, heard myself asking him if he'd like to join a NakedEye show as guest. And he said yes. So here we are. If you happen to be in Lancaster on November 7, do drop by. You'll be glad you did.