Our album is out! Official release June 15. You can order your copy on iTunes, Amazon, and Starkland.

"The music on the group’s exciting debut release is a stylistic melange, full of gritty energy and wonderful stylistic feints." – Joshua Kosman (The San Francisco Chronicle)

“This young ensemble has shown a wonderful commitment to commissioning and championing new music, 
so I’m not surprised they’re releasing this ambitious, impressive album.”  
– Lainie Fefferman

"The debut recording of the NakedEye Ensemble, “Storylines Crossing,” helps refute the notion that contemporary classical music is isolated from the world we live in. Three works have a sociopolitical slant, and several pieces draw on the energy that rock offers."    – Starkland


06.15.2018 | Storylines Crossing Album official release
05.10.2018 | NakedEye awarded Foundation of Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant
06.24.2017 | Time's Illusion Commissioning Project Awarded New Music USA Grant 

"We engage, open ears, and ask questions through new music."

– Ju-Ping Song, founder & artistic director