Our album is out! Official release June 15. You can order your copy on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp.

"The music on the group’s exciting debut release is a stylistic melange, full of gritty energy and wonderful stylistic feints." – Joshua Kosman (The San Francisco Chronicle)

"Executed brilliantly, showcasing impressive technical dexterity and depth of musicianship."  – Anthony LaBat (Sybaritic Singer)

“This young ensemble has shown a wonderful commitment to commissioning and championing new music, 
so I’m not surprised they’re releasing this ambitious, impressive album.”  
– Lainie Fefferman, composer

"The debut recording of the NakedEye Ensemble, “Storylines Crossing,” helps refute the notion that contemporary classical music is isolated from the world we live in. Three works have a sociopolitical slant, and several pieces draw on the energy that rock offers."    – Starkland


06.15.2018 | Storylines Crossing Album official release
05.10.2018 | NakedEye awarded Foundation of Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant
06.24.2017 | Time's Illusion Commissioning Project Awarded New Music USA Grant 

"We engage, open ears, and ask questions through new music."

– Ju-Ping Song, founder & artistic director