Our next album is on its way! Following our award-winning debut album “Storylines Crossing” on the Starkland label, we’re excited to follow it up with our second release this summer: “NakedEye Toy”. Over the years, we’ve developed a toy piano and toy piano + ensemble rep that has toured the East Coast, Taiwan, and Europe. We decided that it was time to engrave the music and put it out there for you to enjoy at home. Coming to you through New Focus Recordings, we’re using a hands-on approach this time for a more holistic experience: we commissioned Pennsylvania artist Lisa Muller to create the album art and sought out the team at Virtual Farm Creative to do the graphic design for each page as well as the disc, and package it for digital and physical consumption. The result is spectacular and we couldn’t be happier. We wanted the album design to be inspired by the colorful, imaginative, uncommon sounds inside and the artists responded beautifully. As a teaser, we’re including the album cover and disc art her

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 15.23.23.png

We’re in the final stages of production, and in order to take “NakedEye Toy” over the finish line, we need your help. We’ve kept costs to a minimum with services and artistic talent generously donated by enthusiastic supporters every step of the way. We now have the practical costs of CD manufacturing, production, mastering, and yes, mailing to fulfill. We want “NakedEye Toy” to grace the physical and digital shelves everywhere, and to make that a reality, we’re asking for donations from people like you. Please consider investing in our music, our performers, and all the composers whose work we champion. As a special incentive, we’re including a copy of the CD with all $50+ donations. You’ll be helping bring this project to light and have it in your hands in August. Official release date is August 8, 2019. Thank you all for your generosity and enthusiastic support for our second album, “NakedEye Toy”!

We’re offering two ways to donate: via this website by clicking on the “Donate” button, or by giving to our Facebook fundraiser. The FB button will take you to that page.

NakedEye is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deducitble.


A bit about the music... 

“NakedEye Toy” showcases a mix of commissions, arrangements, and fresh interpretations of works written in the last decade. Rusty Banks' “Babbling Tower to Tower,” for toy piano and cell phones, has been performed around the world; Richard Belcastro’s “Knock ‘Em Back,” the first through-composed set of virtuosic miniatures for electric guitar and modified toy piano, is also a well-traveled work; “Ujoforyt”, by Jan Feddersen, is another virtuosic piece, transforming the toy piano into a metal machine whirr, Rimsky Korsakov’s bumble bee on an adrenaline rush; Erik Griswold graciously adapted his chamber piece “Gossamer Wings” to NakedEye’s instrumentation, and the result is a sparkly and meta-chamber + toy piano piece with unique timbres; and Ge Ganru’s miniature Peking opera “Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!” for voice self-accompanied by a toy ensemble is an incredible journey into grief and loss, made all the more poignant by an array of small toy instruments sounding a world of unexpected beauty.

The recordings feature NakedEye musicians Susanna Loewy on flute, Ryan Kauffman on saxophone, Peter Kibbe on cello, Chad Kinsey on electric guitar, Adam Rosenblatt on xylophone and toy drum set, and Ju-Ping Song on toy instruments. Tracks were recorded and mixed at Kinsey Audio in Lancaster, PA.


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NakedEye is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt not-for-profit organization, enabling the efforts of its members to bring distinctive creations and world-class performances to music audiences in the U.S. and around the world. Through it, we are empowered to commission trendsetting composers, collaborate with ground-breaking artists, and inspire today's young musicians.


Checks payable to NakedEye, Inc. may be sent to:

NakedEye Ensemble
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"Top players, cutting edge music, informal style, fantastic, passionate performances." 

– Simon Andrews, composer

T H A N K   Y O U  F O R   Y O U R   S U P P O R T

With deepest gratitude from the NakedEye Team