An eclectic eight-member electro-acoustic ensemble with classical, rock, and jazz DNA, NakedEye commissions and performs seminal works by cross-over and cutting-edge composers. Presenting music of the imagination utilizing acoustic, electric, toy, kitchen, and noise-making instruments, NakedEye’s body of repertoire reflects the group’s mission to innovate and explore musical expression outside of convention. From notated works to guided improvisations for flexible instrumentation, the group has established a new music presence in its home city from which it collaborates with composers and performers to import and export musical works in a rich, ongoing artistic exchange. NakedEye believes in the power of new music to surprise, uplift, and change. 

Commissioned works have received first prize at NYC’s UnCaged Toy Piano Composition Competition (2011) and grants from New Music USA (2014, 2017). NakedEye's mission is supported by Thomas A. and Georgina T. Russo Family Foundation, Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, and individual donors. Based in Lancaster, PA, NakedEye Ensemble is led by pianist Ju-Ping Song.



Ju-Ping Song is artistic director and pianist of NakedEye. She loves to experiment with sound and search for beauty in the unexpected. She also loves baking, biking, and little BaoBao.


Chad Kinsey has been a member of NakedEye since 2012 as guitarist and audio engineer. He loves working with the malleability of sound, whether in studio or in performance.


Matthew Allison is a founding member of NakedEye. When he's not playing the flute, he teaches kids, practices yoga, and likes to spend  time with his Labradoodle Harper.



Ryan Kauffman is a founding member of NakedEye. He calls himself jazz man at heart, but finds his off-beat stride  in new music. He's always looking for new ways to blow his horn.



Christy Banks has been a member of NakedEye since 2012. She loves working with composers and collaborating with other musicians on new projects.


Peter Kibbe joined NakedEye Spring of 2017. His inventiveness and passion for the music make him a pretty perfect fit. Peter also enjoys a good beer.


Mike Bitts has been a member of NakedEye since 2014. Besides being a top-notch bassist, he's also an arrnager with an ear for the NakedEye sound.

Jeff-Stern-300x300 3.jpg



Percussionist Jeff Stern is an exciting new addition to NakedEye. Based in Baltimore, he is a part-time faculty member of Peabody Conservatory.



Nonoka Mizukami is the newest member of NakedEye. Hailing from Japan via Baltimore, she likes to have fun with mallets, keys, and  all things percussive.


Susanna Loewy joined NakedEye  Spring of 2017 with her flutist's ebullience and team spirit.



Richard Belcastro joined NakedEye as resident composer in 2012. His unique-sounding works merge the quirkiness of NakedEye's nature with the musicians' virtuosity.


Rusty Banks has been resident composer at NakedEye since 2010. He designs pieces that use traditional performers, user-end electronics, and video within dynamic audio/video installations.


"NakedEye is one of the few ensembles playing music that is incredibly alive."

                                              – Matthew Allison, flutist