"Storylines Crossing" CD (2018)


"Storylines Crossing" CD (2018)



Jonathan Russell: Sextet
Zack Browning: Decade of the Dragon
Richard Belcastro: Smoke n’ Wid
Rusty Banks: Surface Tensions
Randall Woolf: Punching the Clock
Frederic Rzewski: Coming Together

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The NakedEye Ensemble's debut recording ''Storylines Crossing'' refutes the notion that contemporary classical music is isolated from the real world we live in. Three works have a sociopolitical slant, and several compositions draw on the energy that rock offers. The pieces are inspired by a wide variety of subjects, including: the Vietnam War; the infamous Attica Prison riots; the development of a groovy bass line; and the antics of catnip-fueled cats. Five of the six works receive their premiere recordings, and the sixth work presents a contemporary music masterpiece in a new, unusual arrangement. NakedEye's founder Ju-Ping Song comments, ''Because members of the group come from diverse stylistic backgrounds, our music reflects the rock, jazz, experimental, and classical genres that define each musician separately. For us and for composers writing for us, this is a journey where storylines cross from the personal into the musical.'' Lainie Fefferman adds, ''This young ensemble has shown a wonderful commitment to commissioning and championing new music, so I'm not surprised they're releasing this ambitious, impressive album.''

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